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The Sea Kayak Council

– is an independent council and network seeking to promote safety while enjoying the outdoors in sea kayaks around Denmark. The Sea Kayak Council has the following members:

  • Danish Canoe & Kayak Union (Dansk kano og Kajak Forbund).
  • Danish Gymnastic and Athletic Associations (Danske Gymnastik og Idrætsforeninger).
  • The Folk High Schools (Højskolerne).
  • The Sea Kayak Paddlers (Havkajakroerne).
  • The Youth- schools (Ungdoms- og efterskolerne).
  • The “Youthring” National Association of youthclubs (Ungdomsringen).
  • Physical and Outdoor Education at university level.

What are the tasks of The Sea Kayak Council?


  • To promote the safety of sea kayaking in Denmark.
  • To develop partnership and to establish a network between various institutions, organisations and associations who work with sea kayaking and outdoor life in Denmark.
  • To establish and further develop international contacts and networks concerning sea kayaking.

Fields of work

  • The council arranges seminars concerning sea kayaking safety and education.
  • The council develops guidelines concerning sea kayaking safety and education.
  • The council produces teaching materials in Danish concerning sea kayaking and safety.
  • The council gathers information about sea kayaking accidents and near-accidents for use in preventive work, including related law, liability and insurance aspects.
  • The council gathers and forwards information about international sea kayaking events

Sea kayaking is widespread in Denmark

When strolling along a beach, it is no longer a rare sight to see groups of seakayakpaddlers along the shorelines. Kayaking and sea kayaking in particular is more popular than ever. More and more are realizing the potential of the sea kayak as a way to enjoy nature and keep in shape.

The Sea kayak Council views sea kayaks as a great tool for educational purposes as well as a basis for public or private teambuilding. It is also increasingly common to buy your own sea kayak and take it out for a paddle whenever you feel like it. This increased popularity gives rise to safety considerations.

Sea kayaking is not without its hazards: Wind, waves, cold water, capsizing, loss of control or being taken out to sea are all factors that on their own or combined could leave the seakayakpaddler in life threatening situations.

In the light of the development of outdoor activities in Denmark, The Sea Kayak Council was formed in 2002. The council constitutes a network of a number of institutions, organisations, etc. who all work with kayaking and outdoor activities on a professional and/or educational level.

The most important task of the council is to lay down a number of recommended guidelines concerning safety when seakayaking. The guidelines act as standards for the co-operating organisations.

When focusing on safety issues alone, the mood tends to secome. However, outdoor life and sea kayaking, should be about enjoying nature, fellowship, playing in and experimenting with the sea kayak and the elements. The focus on safety issues must not spoil the pleasures of, and interest in, sea kayaking and outdoor life. However, the awareness of safety issues is essential to be able to assess a given situation and the possible consequences, which is a necessity to enjoying an exciting but responsible outdoor life.

Safety is for everyone – not just sea kayakers! Everyone should keep up-to-date on the current guidelines for safe travel in their specific type of boat and keep up their personal skills and knowledge.